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Eco-friendly alternative

Eco-friendly alternative

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Every year the population of our planet is growing steadily. This leads to the growth of cities, an increase in waste, the emergence of new industries. With each new inhabitant of the planet, the question arises more and more acutely - how to help the Earth with such a colossal load? And one of the most obvious and accurate answers is to start with yourself. If each of us consciously approaches his life, learns to rationally use the resources of nature, and reduce the amount of harmful waste, we can significantly improve the health of our planet.

Let's talk about what will help us ensure our green life.Since the main task of everyone who is concerned about environmental problems is the maximum reduction of harmful waste from their life, let's talk about replacing disposable items of daily use.

Plastic bags

It is not the first year that there has been an active struggle against the massive use of plastic bags in the world. Over the past few decades, we have become so accustomed to them that we can hardly imagine a supermarket checkout without hundreds of bags hanging nearby.

The first thing anyone who wants to start living a sustainable lifestyle should do is stop using plastic bags. An alternative can be string bags or shopping bags made from natural fabrics. There is much more aesthetics in such options, and most importantly, they are designed to be reusable.

Paper bags are often offered to the consumer as an environmentally friendly packaging option. Unfortunately, the production of bags from recycled materials is extremely rare, so it should be remembered that most of them are made of wood, for which huge areas of forests are cut down.

Bulk goods such as sweets, vegetables, fruits can be packed using reusable mesh bags made of degradable materials. When disposed of, such a bag will decompose without the release of toxic substances and will not leave a trace in the environment.

Replacement of disposable tableware.

The modern pace of urban life has taught us to unconscious consumption for quite some time. We rarely think about how much waste we produce in a day: used cups, straws, bottles, lids. To all this, you can find a pleasant and harmless alternative.

A bamboo thermo mug or bottle is perfect for both morning coffee and water on a hot day. We are sure that the baristas in your favorite coffee shop will certainly appreciate this approach.

Separately, I would like to focus on plastic drinking straws. They cause significant damage to the environment every day. We advise you to pay attention to the options made from recycled paper, or better – stainless steel straws, they are convenient to carry with you, and you will be pleasantly surprised by their service life.

Eco-friendly household items

We are used to plastic even in our home kitchen: cutting boards, spatulas, sponges, food containers, and many other kitchen utensils. The conscious consumption trend seeks to show us that even in our home we can use more natural materials without sacrificing comfort.

At ELC, you can find a variety of stylish and sustainable household items and dishes made from natural materials such as coconut, bamboo, or wood.

Ecology in hygiene

Self-care is no exception in the fight against environmental pollution. Every year, hundreds of tons of plastic hygiene items are thrown away around the world, from toothbrushes to baby diapers. Sometimes we don’t even think that a discarded cotton swab is an environmentally harmful waste, and a washed-off wet wipe will never dissolve in the sewer.

Now it is not difficult to find a replacement for plastic hygiene items, it is enough just to get interested. Many eco-friendly alternatives are not only safe for the environment, but they also don't put you at risk for allergies or health problems.

The eco-friendly trend has brought us bamboo toothbrushes, which, among other things, have a very attractive appearance. Feminine hygiene products and baby diapers also boast reusable and natural options that do not harm only nature but also your health. Even sponges for removing makeup or wipes can now boast of reusable options.

Eco-friendly self-care

The beauty industry is perhaps the most harmful production area for the planet. Thousands of tons of chemical products are annually packed in hundreds of tons of plastic, and not all of this plastic is biodegradable or made from recycled materials, so a conscious consumer often asks the question of finding a natural alternative.

If the environmental trend has significantly influenced the composition of care products, increasing the percentage of natural ingredients in them, and replacing artificial preservatives, then the packaging of these products still cannot boast of its safety. Plastic, often not of the highest quality, labels containing the same plastic are a standard packaging of a cosmetic product, on which you can often see the proud inscription "ECO".

And yet, gradually things are moving forward from a dead center. Now you can buy makeup tools made from natural materials, combs made of wood or bamboo, reusable pads for removing makeup.

We advise you to stop using plastic eyelashes - this is the same plastic as a plastic bag, and it will take just as long to decompose.

Separately, we would like to write about disposable face masks - one of the most meaningless and harmful products for our planet. The mask is designed for one application, which takes about twenty minutes, but the packaging of these masks is usually plastic, and also has a sizeable size. Imagine how many of these disposable masks are used and produced daily. It is better to purchase reusable products in jars made from recycled plastic.

By replacing simple things of everyday use with natural and reusable counterparts, you will significantly reduce the amount of waste generated. In addition, eco-friendly products are of high quality and pleasant design, which will make your home more comfortable.

Your opinion is very important to us. Please leave a comment if you have interesting thoughts, ideas or any questions. We will be glad to answer you.

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