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Home & Kitchen products


When thinking about your home, you have to go for the best and offer you durability, comfort. It offers additional security for the kids as they are made of natural woods and can be used for decorations as well as serving plates and storing meals.


We bring to your doorsteps products that not only provide you with good health and beauty but also portability and durability which will, in turn, serve as a means of saving funds as well as time as all your purchases will be brought to your doorstep.


Our home product section helps bring the search to you, making it easy for you to see what you want to and what is perfect for your home. It is vital that eco-friendly products be used at home as it helps secure the home in the sense that it is all-natural therefore there is no chemical that keeps the kids and yourself safe.


  • Eco-friendly coconut bowl; This offers you varieties of usage as it can be used for eating and storage of food. It can also be used to hold keys and other decorations for the house.


  • 3D Puzzle for Kids; This particular product is made from wood to stimulate the mind of young ones. It is also made from natural wood which is the best as no chemical is involved.



  • Reusable Natural Bamboo Chopstick; When thinking of eating with chopsticks, what better one to use than an all-natural which can be reused and washed when done with. It is also portable and simple to use.



  • Handmade kitchen sponge; This offers you the perfect washing product as it does not retain water and can be used not just in the kitchen but also for washing the bath and other things.


  • Eco-friendly reusable cutlery set; A complete set of your to-go cutlery set which can be used anywhere, be it the office, school, or an emergency trip. This set has all you need: a fork, a spoon, a knife, and a drinking straw with an attached washing strip.


  • Bamboo 4 Layers Toilet Paper; This comes in a pack of 16 and can be used over time without worry. It is made from natural materials and safe to use on the skin for both adults and kids.


  • Disposable Paper Coffee Cup; For lovers of coffee and climate. This product solves dual issues and gives comfort and pleasure to you as you sip your coffee from a naturally made cup that is of no harm to the planet when disposed of.


  • Eco-friendly Toilet Disposable Seat Cover; For emergencies and care of your health, it is vital that you always have a pack in your bag. This prevents you from using a public toilet without protecting yourself.


  • Eco-friendly Bamboo Bathroom Set; this helps keep everything in check and insight. For lovers of color coordinating, you can get a set of the same color for your liquid soap, toothbrush holder, and others. This set not only serves you in the bathroom but also beautifies it leaving your bathroom appealing.


With these home products, you can set your place up and beautify it as you want using only things that fancy you and are also good for the climate and help prevent its pollution.


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