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Our story

About Us - ELC Store

We are an eco-friendly website, we are based in Germany, but we work for people in whole Europe. We created this website with the sole purpose to help people reduce the pollution of the planet. It is becoming a bigger problem and no one seems to take it seriously.

We import our products from China, making sure it suits the desires of our customers. We also intend to give one percent of our profit to an organization that has taken it upon itself to create awareness as well as fight for the environment.

It is our passion that people learn to live an eco-friendly lifestyle as it will not only benefit us but also our children. We aim to help people achieve this by creating a place you can get all the eco-friendly products you will need. In our assortment, we have bath and care products, also home and kitchen products.

We created this website in order to breach the gap between the producers and the customers in Europe and to help deliver their products to them. Your needs can be met by simply using your phone, laptop, to order what you want on our website and it will be delivered.

We aim to make a mark, a footprint that transforms our environment and that transmits the commitment assumed by society. By joining forces our footprint is stronger and, through this website, we want to show you everything done hand in hand can and will only be to our benefit.

We center our action towards the environment because we understand its benefit to humanity. We aim to relate to everyone and educate them one after another on how essential eco-friendly health and home are essential.


Our Mission

Our mission is to serve both old and new customers who wish to join the eco-friendly family around Europe to know that we are here to cater to their every need.

We hope to remain focused on creating a brand that offers the best eco-friendly home and health products.


Our Vision

We aim to assist customers on their eco-friendly journey by creating a place where their needs can be met. We created this website so you will have no need to worry about going to the mall but you can order what you need and desire with just a click.

We hope to get more people involved by showing how important eco-living is and its benefits to the world.



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