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Eco Friendly Organic Cotton Reusable Vegetable Fruits Mesh Bags

  • ELC eco life care
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  • ELC eco life care

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These bags come in pieces of 5 and can be used for storing fresh veggies and fruits. It is eco-friendly and good for the climate and planet. 

It can be recycled as well as reused as long as it is washed and properly cared for. This product is also biodegradable and useful both when in use and worn out. It is portable and can be used to take fruits to school or work or even for a short journey. 

The mesh bag can be used to store products as well as go shopping. It can be closed when the tug is pulled. Its netty part allows the inflow and outflow of air keeping everything stored in it fresh.

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Material: Cotton
Size: 30*20cm(Small); 30*36cm(Medium); 30*43cm(Large)

15 pack: 5 Small + 5 Medium + 5 Large
9 pack: 3 Small + 3 Medium + 3 Large
6 pack: 2 Small + 2 Medium + 2 Large